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AFRICAN NOTES Vol 39 - N°1&2 2015

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Contributors, Editorial, Table of Contents 102.24 KB 932 Download Preview
Harvesting Golden Black Civilisations: Sierra Leone, Liberia and Imperial Ruses - Jorge Serrano 170.13 KB 967 Download Preview
English Premiership Fandom: Globalisation and National Identity in Nigeria - Babajide O. Ololajulo 180.50 KB 1054 Download Preview
Metatextuality in Kevin McDonald's Transcultural Cinematic Adaptation of The Last King of Scotland (2006) - Okaka Opio Dokotum 258.89 KB 1027 Download Preview
The Existentiality of African Ritual Dramas and "The Myth of Essence" in a Contemporary Discourse - Olabode Ojoiyi 162.73 KB 1496 Download Preview
Recent Threats to Nigeria's Cultural Identity and Patrimony - Kola Adekola 169.70 KB 1526 Download Preview
Technology Adoption and Journalistic Role Conceptions: A Conceptual Review and Operational Model - Wale Oni and Sharon Coen 170.25 KB 1057 Download Preview
The Nightmare in Polygamy: A Femino-Criminological Perspective to Shoneyin's The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives - Catharine Olutoyin Williams and Simeon Olufunso Sonde 147.45 KB 2748 Download Preview
Beyond the Sentimental: Slavery and Revolution in Sarah - Meng Yuqiu 157.61 KB 961 Download Preview
'Tradition Dies Hard': The Case of Oriki in Yoruba Popular Folksongs - Oluwole Coker 121.97 KB 8924 Download Preview
German Rule in Colonial Ewedome (Ghana), 189 -1914 - Wilson K. Yayoh 184.65 KB 3425 Download Preview
Toward a Preliminary Bibliography of Tanure Ojaide - Ismail Bala 170.59 KB 1251 Download Preview
Book Reviews 139.46 KB 1010 Download Preview