‘Ọmọ Nàìjá Ni Mí!’

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Introducing Dr Maria Martin, Visiting Fulbright Scholar

Visiting Fulbright Scholar at IAS-UI, Dr Maria Martin, is actually no visitor to Nigeria. She has been here on several visits and has done extensive fieldwork on indigenous forms of feminist thought and activism in south-western Nigeria.

IAS at the University of Ibadan Research and Development Fair 2017

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This year’s University of Ibadan Research and Development (UIRESDEV) Fair took place 8-9 November at the International Conference Centre, University of Ibadan. The theme of the fair was ‘Informing Policy with Evidence-Based Research and Innovation’. Faculties, institutes, and centres in the University of Ibadan community were all provided with display spaces where they could put up for the public materials exemplifying their contributions to policy development in Nigeria.

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The promotion of three members of academic staff in our Institute to the rank of Senior Research Fellow was ratified on Monday, 16 October, 2017 by the Central Appointments and Promotions (A&P) Committee of the University of Ibadan.

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