UI 70th Anniversary Art Project

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As the University of Ibadan turns 70 this year, a variety of activities and events are being planned to mark the anniversary.

Mr Seinde Odimayo of Treasure House, a renowned gallery of African art, was at IAS-UI to discuss an art project as part of the programme of events. The 70th anniversary art project will bring together young artists working with a diverse range of media and forms to produce an architectural and artistic history of the University of Ibadan and the city of Ibadan.

The project will identify architectural and artistic landmarks in the University and the city, and engage them in such genres as painting, sculpture, and photography. The project will also involve restoration of architectural and artistic works, and the documentation of the narratives of the artists and architects who have contributed to the evolution of the artistic landscape of the University and the cityscape of Ibadan.

An exhibition of the various efforts of the participant artists will be put up at the Museum of the Institute of African Studies (MIAS) as the culmination of the project.

2018 01 19 70th Anniversary Art Project

IAS Director, Dr O.I. Pogoson, Visiting AHP Fellow, Dr Jean-Baptiste Sourou with Mr Seinde Odimayo of Treasure House Gallery