AHP Fellowship Residencies at IAS-UI: Dr Sharlene Khan and Dr Amidou Jean-Baptiste Sourou

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IAS-UI is host to two beneficiaries of the African Humanities Program (AHP) Fellowship of the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS).

2018 01 19 fellowship residency 1Dr Sharlene Khan (PhD, Goldsmiths, University of London) is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Fine Art, Rhodes University, South Africa. She is with IAS-UI on a two-month residency until 15 March, 2018. Dr Khan’s specialism is Art History and Visual Culture, and her research interests encompass race studies, black-Afrocentric and feminist creative strategies, postcolonialism, African literature and decolonized aesthetics, among others. An artist in her own right, Dr Khan deploys a variety of media in her installations and performances to dramatize the predicament of her post-apartheid South African society. Researching on ‘Masquerading as a South African postcolonial visual arts strategy’, she calls attention to and critiques the constructedness of identity and social reality in such culture-formative spheres as education, art discourse, historical narratives, and popular culture.

2018 01 19 fellowship residency 2Dr Amidou Jean-Baptiste Sourou is a Lecturer in Social Sciences at Saint Augustine University, Tanzania. He studied philosophy and theology in Assisi and Padua, and holds a master’s in theology from Saint Bonaventure University, Rome. He specialized in radio and newspaper journalism at the Gregorian University and has a PhD in the Social Sciences, with a thesis that investigates the interface between forms of African orature and mediated public mass communication, especially in the realms of entertainment and religion. Dr Sourou, who is with IAS-UI until 26 March 2018, is researching on the topic ‘Performing Social Changes: Music and Dance at Weddings and Funerals in West Africa’. His research interests span rites, music, dance, corporeality, popular cultures, and the articulation of rituals in modern media.