Visitors from Venda at IAS-UI

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IAS-UI received two visitors from the University of Venda, South Africa, on the 14th of September, 2017. Prof Ernest Klu and Dr M.T. Chauke met with IAS Director Dr O.I. Pogoson to discuss a wide range of issues pertaining to African Studies research and pedagogy on the continent, comparing notes on disciplinary structures and curricula.

Prof Klu, who obtained his BA degree from the Department of Linguistics, University of Ibadan, is Vice-Dean of the School of Human and Social Sciences at the University of Venda. Dr Chauke is the head of Venda University’s M.E.R. Mathivha Centre for African Languages, Arts and Culture.

Both guests expressed admiration for the suite of programmes on offer at IAS-UI, and introduced some of the programmes at Venda University which have a similar purview to ours, including the Institute for Gender and Youth Studies and the Eskia Mphahlele Centre for African Studies.

Prof Klu expressed the interest of Venda’s School of Human and Social Sciences in establishing a closer relationship with IAS-UI, covering research, publications, and staff-student exchange liaison. Our guests went home with samples of IAS publications, including the recently published brochure, and with the assurance of an effective links programme in the nearest future.

2017 09 04 visitors from venda 1
2017 09 04 visitors from venda 2

 Dr Chauke, Dr Pogoson, and Prof Klu