IAS joins IFRA in bidding Dr Elodie Apard farewell

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IAS wishes Dr Elodie Apard a fruitful sojourn ahead as she completes her tenure as Director of the Institut Français de Recherche en Afrique (IFRA).

Our relationship with IFRA has come of age, this year being the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of a collaboration from which we have benefited immensely. With Dr Apard as IFRA Director, the IAS-IFRA network grew in a number of dimensions, making us proud to be host to the foremost French social research institute in the country, nay, the continent.

Although attendance at the farewell party organized by IFRA on 26 August, 2020, in honour of Dr Apard was low-key owing to the COVID-19 restrictions, it was evident from the views expressed by guests at the event—including Prof Olutayo Adesina (History, UI), Prof Francis Egbokhare (Linguistics and African Languages, UI), Prof Eghosa Osaghae (Political Science, UI), Prof Dele Layiwola (IAS, UI), Dr Adedoyin Aguoru (English, UI), etc.—that Dr Apard’s contributions to and support for research at Ibadan in diverse fields of the social sciences and humanities were impactful and indeed resonant, and have set a new standard and ethic for all such future efforts.

IFRA, whose offices are located within our premises, is a partner institute with which we have built a synergy of collaborative work covering both staff and student endeavours. Dr Apard’s close work with IAS’s organ, the Women’s Research and Documentation Centre (WORDOC), has brought a fresh spirit to WORDOC’s activities, especially in the organization of the WORDOC-IFRA monthly seminar. IAS students form the nucleus of IFRA’s Junior Fellowship programme, and gain further research training at regular IFRA workshops. Our African Studies Students’ Association (ASSA) enjoys IFRA’s support in organizing film screenings in the weekly Thursday Film Screening programme.

Together with her team, especially Dr Emilie Guitard who was her deputy, and Clémentine Chazal the Research Associate, Dr Apard made IFRA an active presence at IAS events and activities, often providing intellectual and logistic support in a spirt of comradeship. We wish her greater achievements going forward, in the assurance that, as she remarked at the send-off, ‘This is only a temporary break.’

À bientôt!   

Dr Senayon and Dr Apard

                                                                                   Dr Elodie Apard and IAS Director, Dr Senayon Olaoluwa