Dr Megan Turnbull at IAS-UI

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We are pleased to have Dr Megan Turnbull, Assistant Professor in the Department of International Affairs, University of Georgia, USA, visit us at IAS-UI.

Dr Turnbull is in Nigeria to undertake fieldwork in the southwest region of the country on the role of road transport unions and ethnically organized pressure groups in the democratic process since the 1999 restoration of civilian rule. Taking the perspectives and understandings of the actors as being crucial, she is particularly interested in the relationships between these organizations, on the one hand, and political parties, politicians, and the election management agency, i.e. the Independent National Electoral Commission, on the other, as well as in the internal processes of power, authority, legitimacy, recruitment, and leadership within the organizations she is studying.

Dr Olutayo and Dr Turnbull

Dr Olutayo presents a gift to Dr Turnbull, as IAS Director, Dr I.A. Jimoh, looks on

Dr Turnbull had an enriching session with some IAS staff in the Director’s office where interfaces between her research interests and those of IAS scholars were navigated, and plans made on how we may contribute to facilitating aspects of her work.

Last year Prof Ibigbolade Aderibigbe, Associate Director of the African Studies Institute, University of Georgia, delivered the first lecture in our IAS-CODESRIA Staff Seminar Series.  

We look forward to gaining insights from the outcome of Dr Turnbull’s research.

Megan Turnbull IAS