Kristen Windmuller-Luna of Brooklyn Museum, New York, visits IAS

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On July 4, 2018, we were glad to have in our Institute Dr Kristen Windmuller-Luna, the Sills Family Consulting Curator (African Arts) at the Brooklyn Museum, New York.

Dr Windmuller-Luna is visiting Nigeria to do research on Yoruba fabrics (asọ-oke and adire), and for consultation with experts on the Yoruba Egungun performance for an exhibition she is organizing to put up next year at the Brooklyn Museum.

The exhibition titled ‘One Brooklyn: Egúngún’ will feature a single type of egúngún, a paka masquerade costume made during the mid-20th century in Ogbomoso, Nigeria. Through new research conducted in Nigeria and elsewhere on the object’s materials, construction, and context, the exhibition will emphasize the global connections of African masquerades and will also challenge the static misconception of “tradition”.

Dr Windmuller-Luna visited IAS-UI in company with Perrin Lathrop, a PhD candidate at Princeton University, who is in Nigeria for her research on the pioneer artist Akinola Lasekan. Dr Windmuller-Luna and IAS Director, Prof O.I. Pogoson, discussed some of the pressing issues concerning the Museum of the Institute of African Studies (MIAS); she also donated some books to the IAS Library.

2018 07 04 Kristen Windmuller Luna visit 1

Prof O.I. Pogoson, Dr Kristen Windmuller-Luna, Prof O.O. Layiwola, and Perrin Lathrop

2018 07 04 Kristen Windmuller Luna visit 2

Prof Pogoson, Dr Windmuller-Luna, Dr Senayon Olaoluwa, and Perrin Lathrop

2018 07 04 Kristen Windmuller Luna visit 3

Dr Windmuller-Luna interviewing Dr T.A. Adegbola

2018 07 04 Kristen Windmuller Luna visit 4

Dr Windmuller-Luna interviewing Dr O. Olorunyomi