IAS-IFRA Meeting

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On Friday, 9 March 2018 IAS-UI academic staff met with the research team of the Institut Français de Recherche en Afrique (IFRA, Nigeria) at the IAS Coffee Room in a conversation on research interests and areas of possible collaboration.

The relationship between IAS and IFRA goes back to more than twenty years and, in the course of this period, the partnership has grown to cover such areas of intellectual intervention as conferences, seminars, field trips, and publication of books and monographs. IAS Director, Dr O.I. Pogoson and IFRA Director, Dr Elodie Apard, noted the benefits that have accrued from the relationship between IAS and IFRA over the years. They spoke of ways in which the partnership can be strengthened, including allowing IFRA researchers to take up teaching activities on IAS courses, and creating more space for IAS students to participate in IFRA workshops on methodological and theoretical issues in humanities and social-scientific research. Invitations were extended on both sides in regard to opportunities for IAS and IFRA scholars to publish their works in the respective journals of either Institute.

At the meeting each member of the IAS and IFRA teams spoke briefly on their educational background, specialisms, and ongoing research interests. Areas of convergence were identified in the focus on African subject matters, particularly Arabic documentation, urban culture, the African cultural heritage, museology, media culture, as well as traditional African medicine and belief systems.

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