IAS at ART X Lagos 2019

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We were honoured to be guests at ART X Lagos 2019, the fourth edition of this rich festival of artistic visions, views, and voices, which brings together in one place some of the most sophisticated and thought-provoking creators, productions, teachers, researchers, galleries, curators, collectors, and impresarios from art scenes on the continent and its various diasporas across the globe.

President General of the Town Union of the Ancient Nri Kingdom Visits IAS-UI

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Chief Kelvin Obiegbunam, the President General of the Town Union of the ancient Nri Kingdom, paid a visit to our Institute today.

Among other matters, Chief Obiegbunam discussed with IAS Director, Dr I.A. Jimoh, and Professor O.I. Pogoson, who is Honorary Curator of our museums, plans to refurbish the Odinani Museum located in the Nri Kingdom and established in 1972 as a joint project of our Institute and the Nri Progress Union.

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