IAS Guest Lecture: Prof Adekeye Adebajo on The Curse of Berlin: Africa after the Cold War

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Prof Adekeye Adebajo, Director of the Institute for Pan-African Thought and Conversation (IPATC), Johannesburg, South Africa, will deliver a guest lecture on Monday, July 31 at Drapers Hall on his thought-provoking book The Curse of Berlin: Africa after the Cold War.

Prof Adebajo is a renowned authority on Africa’s place in geopolitics and the global security architecture. A Rhodes Scholar, he has been Executive Director of the Centre for Conflict Resolution in Cape Town, South Africa, has taught at the School for International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, and has served on several United Nations missions in Africa and beyond.

The Curse of Berlin is a rigorous analysis of the constellation of historical factors and actors that have shaped much of Africa’s current predicament and are important for understanding the prospects and options that confront the continent both in its internal and in global politics.

We look forward to both the lecture by Prof Adebajo and the engaging conversation that will ensue from it. The lecture starts at 11:00 a.m.

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