Dr Seunfunmi Olutayo to deliver 7th Lecture in IAS Staff Seminar Series

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The seventh lecture in our Staff Seminar Series will be delivered by the coordinator of our Gender Studies programme, Dr Seunfunmi Olutayo, on 26 February, 2020. The title of her presentation is ‘Human’ among Humans: Tensions in Gender Construction in Africa.

The lecture promises to interrogate gender valuation and devaluation in African societies, as Dr Olutayo shines the light of her analysis on the situation among the Akan and the Yoruba. She both queries and unpacks the preference for male children in these societies, highlighting the tensions within these systems of gender construction, thus pointing to the need for an equitable reconstruction.

The question of gender remains fundamental in African cultures, and the place of women and girls in our societies is one that we must not take for granted.

The time for the lecture, which will hold at Lady Bank-Anthony Hall, is 11: 00 a.m. prompt, with Prof Grace A. Adejuwon as chairperson. Members of the university community and the public are cordially welcome.


PS: The lecture is now live on Instagram @ASSANIGERIA. Click on the Live button to watch it. You may also watch it on Facebook.