Dr Olorunyomi to deliver Sixth Lecture in IAS Staff Seminar Series

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The sixth lecture in the IAS-CODESRIA Staff Seminar Series will be delivered on 25 September by Dr Sola Olorunyomi of our programme in Cultural and Media Studies.


The lecture promises to be an exciting one, with the title alone indicating the theoretical and conceptual excavations that Dr Olorunyomi wishes to undertake as he conducts the audience through the terrain of Talking Futures with Literature as Wombiture.

Dr Olorunyomi argues for the place of Futures Studies among the disciplines that harness emerging narrative structures and modalities for engaging both lived and imagined experience. He is particularly concerned with the role of contemporary techno-biological recording systems as sources of material for narrativizing biographies and autobiographies from the inchoate stages of foetal development, and draws a connexion between the narrative possibilities they foster and such practices that have become established in stories that deploy animist realism in different genres of literature down the ages. He draws his examples from sacred and profane texts, making Fagunwa and Tutuola sit side by side with Rabelais, the Holy Bible, and Greek mythology, among others.

The seminar will commence 11:00 a.m. prompt at Lady Bank-Anthony Hall, with Professor Emeritus Femi Osofisan, the renowned dramatist, as chair. Members of the University community and the general public are cordially invited. We hope for a robust discussion that will delve into new dimensions of knowing the self and the other, and their rootedness in old practices.

The lecture will be livestreamed, and a link to the channel will be provided here on the day for our virtual audience. Make it a date!