Revd Fr Anselm Adodo delivers lecture in IAS Staff Seminar Series

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Revd Fr Anselm Adodo will deliver the second lecture in our resuscitated Staff Seminar Series on Wednesday July 25, 2018, at Lady Bank-Anthony Hall, 11:00 a.m. Prof David Okpako will chair the seminar.

Father Adodo is founder and Director of Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories, St Benedict Monastery, Ewu, Edo State, Nigeria. He will be speaking on the topic ‘Transformation Studies: Researching Africa with African Eyes’.

Revd Fr Anselm AdodoA member of the Benedictine Order, Fr Adodo was ordained a priest in 1997. He trained at the Studium of Philosophy in the St Benedict Monastery, Ewu. He holds a BA in Religious Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, an MA in Systematic Theology from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA, and an MSc in Medical Sociology from the University of Benin. Fr Adodo also holds two doctorates; one in Management of Technology and Innovation Systems from Da Vinci Institute, South Africa, and another in Medical Sociology from the University of Benin, Nigeria.

Adept in the healing practices of traditional African medicine, Fr Adodo is well published in this field as well as in the emerging field of Transformation Studies, to which he has made seminal contributions, especially in his book Integral Community Enterprise in Nigeria: Communitalism as an Alternative to Capitalism (2017, Routledge). He is an Associate Lecturer in our programme in Transformation Studies in Africa (TSA).

The IAS Staff Seminar Series is supported by the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA). Members of the University community and the general public are invited to this seminar, which unpacks new thinking in the enterprise of African scholarship.

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2018 07 25 IAS Staff Seminar 2