Dr Maria Martin, Visiting Fulbright Scholar, gives IAS seminar

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On May 31 2018, Dr Maria Martin (PhD, Michigan State University), who is with us as a Visiting Fulbright Scholar, will deliver a lecture on the topic ‘Gender, Cosmology, and Non-Political Nationalism: An Intellectual History of Nigerian Women’ at Drapers Hall, 10:00 a.m.

 Dr Martin’s lecture focuses on the ideological and practical contributions of the women’s movement in Nigeria to the nationalist project. Framing her approach as an intellectual history, she intends to map out the strategies adopted by Nigerian woman in articulating a nationalism that was distinct in principle and methodology from the forms deployed by the male-dominated mainstream nationalism whose focus was fixated on politics.

 The University community and general public are welcome to attend this stimulating seminar, and we look forward to an engaging discussion with Dr Martin on the issues she will be teasing out in her lecture.

Dr Maria Martin Seminar Poster

2018 05 31 Dr Maria Martin Seminar

Dr Maria Martin, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan