Exhibition: Tunde Odunlade’s Oju’nu Agba Oye at the Museum of the Institute

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Come February 2018, an exhibition of the work of master batik artist Tunde Odunlade, titled Oju’nu Agba Oye, will open at the Museum of the Institute. The exhibition is curated by IAS Director, Dr O.I. Pogoson.

Poet, musician and thespian, Odunlade, who studied with Yinka Adeyemi of the Oshogbo School in the early 1970s, has, over so many decades of producing batik and other works in print form, built for himself an enviable presence in the local art scene in Nigeria as well as a remarkable international reputation. His virtuosity with the appliqué and marbleizing techniques brings a unique quality to his productions.

Odunlade’s work, which has been exhibited many times over at home and abroad, features in some of the most prestigious collections in the world, including the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African Art, the MacArthur Foundation Collection, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The forthcoming exhibition at the Museum of the Institute of African Studies presents once again to the public an attentive artist who has moved from the fringe into the mainstream without losing the freshness of his signature.

2017 08 Tunde Odunlale exhibition World Wide Web
1. ‘World Wide Web’
    Beaded Batik Quilt Tapestry
    69½” X 60”
2017 08 Tunde Odunlale exhibition oya
2. ‘Oya’ (Goddess of wind and wife of Sango)
    28” X 22½”


2017 08 Tunde Odunlale exhibition

Tunde Odunlade, Master Batik Artist