In Memory of Moyo Ogundipe: An Exhibition of 36 Works by the Lately Deceased Artist

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Moyo Ogundipe, who passed away on March 10, was an artist with a consummate relish for colour. In recognition of the fact that his demise has left an unfillable vacuum in contemporary Nigerian art, his family and friends gathered at Drapers Hall on the 3rd of May for a Night of Tributes.

As part of IAS’s role in memorializing this wonderful artist, an exhibition of his works, curated by the Director, Dr O.I. Pogoson, was put up at the Museum of the Institute from 3rd to 25th May. Largely drawn from his last productions, many of these works were left untitled by the artist.

The oeuvre of Moyo Ogundipe is not a strange sight in the IAS Museum. In 2011, Dr Pogoson had curated an exhibition titled ‘Life’s Fragile Fictions: Drawings and Paintings of Moyo Ogundipe’. It remains the most successful exhibition of the artist’s work in Nigeria.

The pain of Ogundipe’s transition is tempered somewhat by the fact that he has left us work to be fascinated by. His untitled last productions will surely keep the conversation about his art alive.

2017 05 Moyo Ogundipe 1
2017 05 Moyo Ogundipe 2
2017 05 Moyo Ogundipe 3
2017 05 Moyo Ogundipe 4
2017 05 Moyo Ogundipe 5
2017 05 Moyo Ogundipe 6
2017 05 Moyo Ogundipe Memorial 1
Moyo Ogundipe Memorial
2017 05 Moyo Ogundipe Memorial 2
Family and friends of Moyo Ogundipe at the Night of Tributes
2017 05 Moyo Ogundipe Memorial 3
2017 05 Moyo Ogundipe