November at the Cornelius Adepegba Museum of African Art (CAMAA), IAS-UI

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A series of events are billed for the month of November, all centring on the Institute’s Museum, which has been renamed the Cornelius Adepegba Museum of African Art (CAMAA), following approval to that effect by the Governing Council of the University of Ibadan on 6 July, 2018.

2018 11 contesting the past 2This year marks the University’s 70th anniversary, and as part of the celebrations, the annual Convocation Art Exhibition, now in its 10th edition, will open at the Cornelius Adepegba Museum of African Art on 1st of November, 2018. The artist to be featured in the Exhibition is photographer Uche James Iroha, whose fascinating works have been exhibited in some of the most illustrious art centres and institutions around the world. The exhibition titled Contesting the Past will run for three months.

The opening of the 10th Convocation Art Exhibition has been planned to coincide with the official renaming of the Institute’s Museum after former IAS Director, Prof Cornelius Oyeleke Adepegba, who passed in 2002, and was the first Honorary Curator of the Museum of the Institute of African Studies. Prof Adepegba, who died in active service while planning an academic visit to the Smithsonian Institution, made immense contributions to the study, teaching, and documentation of African Art and Art History. He was in charge of the collection of ethnographic and contemporary arts at the Institute until it became a full-fledged museum in 1984.

A portrait and bust of Prof Adepegba, as well as the logo and banners of CAMAA, will be unveiled as part of the renaming ceremony of the Institute’s Museum. There will be a performance by Mr Emmanuel Onibasa and the Alajota troupe on the same day. The dance performance is related to Uche James Iroha’s photographic exhibition, touching on the themes of nature, fecundity, and conservation.

CAMAA has been able to secure monumental sculptural pieces donated by to it by two notable artists, Adeola Balogun and Martins Aibangbe, for the 70th Anniversary and Convocation Art Exhibition. These works will be unveiled on the day of the opening ceremony as well, and will be permanently mounted on the west side of the IAS premises, close to the Museum Shop.

An ‘Artists’ Talk’ is slated for 2nd of November, the day after the opening ceremony. At this colloquium, Uche James Iroha, Adeola Balogun and Martins Aibangbe will engage an audience in Drapers Hall on issues relating to their work as individual artists and on the general artistic landscape in Nigeria.

Make it a date with us at IAS in the month of November. In the interim, Routes, an exhibition of works by Wole Ayoola, is still running at CAMAA, and the general public is invited to come view the drawings, paintings, and multimedia pieces which detail the artist’s evolution as a social and creative being.

2018 11 contesting the past