WORDOC/IFRA November Seminar: Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in Nigeria

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The WORDOC/IFRA monthly seminar, billed to hold at Lady Bank-Anthony Hall, Institute of African Studies on November 30, 2017, was shifted to the Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy, 24 Awolowo Road, Bodija.

The seminar, on the theme of ‘Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in Nigeria’, culminated an 8-month project which brought together Nigerian and French researchers to look into the various dynamics and dimensions of the problem from multidisciplinary perspectives, with a view to contributing to the search for solutions.

The papers presented considered the nexus of issues relating to gender, health, economic power, kinship networks, demographic factors, and human rights in the diverse contexts of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Nigeria and among Nigerians both at home and abroad. The presentations at the seminar are available for download here.

The 8-month research project from which the seminar emerged was funded by the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Development.

20171130 WORDOC IFRA seminar 1
20171130 WORDOC IFRA seminar 2
20171130 WORDOC IFRA seminar 3
20171130 WORDOC IFRA seminar 4

 2017 11 30 WORDOC IFRA Seminar