5th Badagry Diaspora Festival Conference: ‘African Diaspora beyond the Black Atlantic’

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The 5th Badagry Diaspora Festival Conference comes up between 22 and 23 August, 2017. IAS’s Diaspora and Transnational Studies unit is responsible together with other partners for the conference aspect of the Badagry Diaspora Festival. The theme this year is ‘African Diaspora beyond the Black Atlantic: Dynamics and Significance in the Latin America World and Elsewhere’.

As the theme indicates, the focus of the conference is on apprehending the diverse experiences of the African diaspora beyond the Anglo-American axis, with an emphasis on the negotiation of relations and agencies in the Latin American context of ‘multivalent blackness’.

Following the usual practice of the Badagry Diaspora Festival whereby an icon of the Black diaspora is singled out for celebration, this year we do honour to the memory of the Afro-Brazilian visual artist, author, cultural activist, and Candomblé high priest Alapini Mestre Didi (Deoscóredes Maximiliano dos Santos, 1917-2013). Mestre Didi’s contributions to the affirmation of Africa and the African presence in Brazil and the Latin American world in general constitute a cherished legacy. His centenary offers us a unique opportunity to focalize the Black diaspora in Latin America and celebrate its achievements.

Our Diaspora and Transnational Studies unit, under the coordination of Dr Senayon Olaoluwa, has taken steps to ensure that the catchment of the Badagry Diaspora Festival Conference draws from the universe of African and black studies the world over. Come August, all roads lead to Badagry!

IAS students on excursion in Badagry town at the 2016 Badagry Diaspora Festival

IAS students on excursion in Badagry town at the 2016 Badagry Diaspora Festival