Adetoun Oyelude gives WORDOC-IFRA Monthly Seminar

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Mrs Adetoun Oyelude, an academic librarian at the Kenneth Dike Library, University of Ibadan, and a pioneer WORDOC librarian, gave this month’s WORDOC-IFRA Seminar at the Institute’s Lady Bank-Anthony Hall.

Her lecture, titled Access to Information and Placemaking for Women Empowerment in the SDG Agenda, was an incisive and thought-provoking analysis of the current situation of things as regards equalizing the gender imbalance by empowering women with the right kind of information as and when needed, and by providing them with the tools and skills for creating spaces for themselves in the realms of public discourse and action.

Oyelude engaged the audience, which included people from all walks of life within and beyond the University community, in the task of thinking through the challenges of informational place-making as well as the prospects whereby women can become more active in the construction of spaces for gathering and sharing information. She highlighted the role of technology for these purposes and hinged the ability for placemaking on access to and skill in harnessing the architecture of information-communication technologies (ICTs) available today.

It was an enriching exchange between the lecturer and attendees at the seminar, with particular attention drawn to such factors as the rural-urban divide, the need for awareness programmes and consciousness-raising advocacy, and the possibilities of building an agenda for informational placemaking that would combine the best practices and most suitable tools from an array of media forms, from the traditional to the digital, towards achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) and women empowerment.

2019 03 26 WORDOC IFRA Seminar 1

2019 03 26 WORDOC IFRA Seminar 2

Dr Elodie Apard, Dr Sharon Omotoso, and Mrs Adetoun Oyelude

2019 03 26 WORDOC IFRA Seminar 3

Oyelude illustrating a point in her lecture

2019 03 26 WORDOC IFRA Seminar 4

2019 03 26 WORDOC IFRA Seminar 5

2019 03 26 WORDOC IFRA Seminar 6