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Candidates who, at the level of the eligible CGPA, have passed the MA (African Studies) degree in their respective areas of specialization or other related degree of this University may be admitted directly to undertake study for the PhD. The following categories of candidates qualify to be admitted to undertake the MPhil or PhD programme:

i. Candidates with recognized higher degrees in the relevant discipline may be admitted to the MPhil or PhD programme on the recommendation of the appropriate Faculty Postgraduate Committee;

ii. Where, in respect of an otherwise eligible candidate with a higher degree, a firm recommendation for admission to the PhD degree programme cannot be made, a Faculty may recommend that the candidate be admitted provisionally to the MPhil/PhD programme pending an assessment report. Such an assessment shall be made by a panel set up by the Institute Postgraduate Committee on the recommendation of the student’s department and shall take place not later than the end of the first semester of registration.

All students are required to take courses at the 700 Level appropriate to their specializations, unless they have already taken them at the MA level. Students from other universities must pass, at the end of the first year of registration, the Institute’s core courses. In addition, all students must write an examination paper in their areas of specialization and obtain a mark of at least 60%.

All students must lead an Institute seminar on a topic determined along with their supervisors and central to their research. Proficiency in the seminar shall be assessed on a ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ basis.
All MPhil-registered students seeking conversion to a PhD at the end of their first year of registration must submit and defend a research proposal before a panel selected by the supervisor, the coordinator of the Institute’s Postgraduate programme and the Director of the Institute. Candidates must obtain at least 60% for conversion. All students must undertake fieldwork.