Inauguration of ASSA Executive Committee Members And opening of the renovated Drapers Hall

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Members of the African Studies Students’ Association (ASSA) at IAS-UI have elected a new executive committee to oversee ASSA affairs for the next one year.

The new ASSA Exco has eight members who are all students pursuing the master’s degree in various IAS programmes. ASSA’s new President is Richard Kolawole Oluwafemi (Diaspora and Transnational Studies), Vice President Beatrice Adetola Adetunji (African History), Secretary of State Adenike Adegoke (Cultural and Media Studies), Deputy Secretary of State Mojirola Olagbemi (Gender Studies), Head of Treasury Daniel Nnadi (Gender Studies), Minister of Finance Oluwabukola Adebowale (Diaspora and Transnational Studies), Minister of Information Otitololuwa Jesubunmi (Cultural and Media Studies), and Social and Welfare Minister Juliet Ezeli (Cultural and Media Studies).

At the inauguration, Dr O.I. Pogoson, Director IAS-UI, commended the students for the peaceful manner in which they conducted the election of new members of the ASSA executive committee. He enjoined the new executive committee to emulate the efforts of the previous ASSA EXCO led by Sam Adegbola, whose commitment to excellence bore fruit in the renovation of Drapers Hall and the utilities attached to the hall, thus improving its affordance as one of the most popular venues for lectures, seminars, conferences, and film screenings in the University of Ibadan. Dr Pogoson also announced the appointment of Dr T.K. Adekunle as ASSA’s Staff Adviser, taking over from Dr Sola Olorunyomi.

ASSA awards were presented to students and staff of the Institute for their contributions to the growth of ASSA and IAS-UI. Prof O.O. Layiwola’s support for ASSA was acknowledged by the students through the presentation of a plaque to him, and the role of Dr Sola Olorunyomi in the reshaping of ASSA into one of the most vibrant postgraduate associations in Nigerian academia was also recognized in an award presented to him.