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Established in 1987, WORDOC is the hub of women's studies in Nigeria. Its mandate includes coordinating research projects on women's issues and the promotion of new methodologies for studying the historical and social experiences of women in Nigeria and Africa at large. WORDOC's efforts in bringing women's issues to the fore have led to its development of a network that incorporates women organizations in Nigeria and the West African sub-region. The engagements of this network have borne fruit in publications, seminars, and contributions to policy formulation on issues affecting women. WORDOC is also involved in link-up efforts  with other women's centres and international agencies in Africa, the West Indies, North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

WORDOC is of immense benefit to scholars, researchers and laypersons interested in studying and understanding the place of women in African societies both from a historical perspective and in contemporary times, and its focus is always on agenda-setting for the future as well. WORDOC complements the disciplinary endeavours of the Gender Studies unit of our Institute.