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Our Traditional African Medicine and Belief Systems unit has over the years set up outfits for the manufacture of medicaments and body-care products using indigenous ingredients and blending traditional and modern processes of manufacture.

Dr Aibinuola Osunwole, who for many years was coordinator of the unit, established and still runs African Health Consult (AHC) within the premises of the Institute even in retirement. AHC ensures that indigenous methods of health promotion, disease prevention and management with herbal remedies are modernized for cross-cultural acceptability. It also advocates the relevance of herbal medicines to Primary Health Care (PHC).

It offers a wide range of services to students, researchers, organizations and the general public, including:

  • Promoting African Health values through research and documentation

  • Encouraging food therapies

  • Providing information on herbal practice

  • Managing hypertension and diabetes

  • Organizing seminars and symposia

  • Collaborating with medical scientists and healers

Dr C.O. Jegede, the current coordinator of the unit, has set up Dashaka Green House to meet medical needs through indigenous methodology. Dashaka Green House focuses mainly on the aging process. Using natural ingredients, it has made two major products namely, Dashaka Green Soap and Dashaka Blood Sugar Regulator, for alleviating aging.

traditional medicine unit 1
Dashaka herbal medicine products
traditional medicine unit 2
Doctor Osunwole in his office at African Health Consult, IAS
traditional medicine unit 3
Herbal medications prepared by AHC
traditional medicine unit 4
Indigenous medical ingredients at AHC