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In January 2000, following a meeting held at Ibadan, a recommendation was made by a group of distinguished musicologists, including the father of African Musicology, Emeritus Prof Kwabena H. Nketia, to set up the International Centre for African Music and Dance. The then management of the University of Ibadan, led by the Vice-Chancellor at the time, Prof Omoniyi Adewoye, approved the siting of Nigeria's Secretariat of the International Centre for African Music and Dance at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan. The headquarters of ICAMD is based in Ghana, and ICAMD is sponsored by several international agencies. The Centre, among other things, serves the following functions: a) a forum for international meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and special events on African music and dance b) an archival, documentation and study centre for African music and dance c) a clearinghouse for information on events, artists, scholars, and institutions concerned with the study and promotion of African music and dance d) a unit for the promotion and coordination of research, creative and development projects in African music and dance e) a facility for the preparation of monographs, source materials, bibliographies and the publication of journals on African music and dance.